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Roger Watson
Roger Watson

El Governao'

It ‘s the first tropical production made by Bibomusic and already a CD cult for the collectors. It contains merengue, including the irresistible "El Governa’o", merengue tipico like "La carajita loca", "Los viejos de ahora", salsa like "El dinero no compra corazones" and bachata.

It was recorded during 2001 in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, the town where many important musicians live, which is considered the home of the merengue tipico style, and finished in Bibomusic Skywave Studios.

Dominican accordion player Rafy Ulloa and Panamian singer Roger Watson are here accompanied by some of the historical musicians of this style, as the legendary Memin (bass guitar), called "El Sucesor" or "Golden Arm", the young piano and orchestra director Deivi Landestoy, Victor Hernandez (Vitico) and many others, with special guest the Dominican rapper Ledesma.

A CD made for all the lovers of the traditional Dominican music and of the hottest rhythms and dances in town made by one of the most interesting and original Latin artists, Roger Watson.