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Mercado Negro

The Latin Ambassadors of Salsa in the world: MERCADONEGRO

Once you think at the new wave of Salsa, your imagination cannot help mirroring MERCADONEGRO, the most vibrant and talent rich orchestra of the last decade.
The project was born when three Latin-American musicians, emigrants in Europe for love, met in Switzerland with BIBOMUSIC's producer in 2000 and decided to start a great project.

The four friends, strongly feeling the emotions, the problems of the emigrants, the legacy of their Latin culture, have kept their musical heart in Latin America. They therefore decided to spread throughout the world the sounds of these countries, together with new beats and vibes, expressive of their own style and of the new musical and life experiences they were making abroad. On this basis they created MERCADONEGRO, a band who therein has become the orchestra of choice for the main Salsa Festivals and Congresses worldwide, a band who was called in 2009 to make the opening concert of the most important Latin Festival of the world, the Latinoamericando Expo in Milano.

The group was named MERCADONEGRO not to forget the roots and the legacy of Afro-American music, and also to describe the difficult pattern, for a group of young and almost unknown musicians, to become popular and appreciated worldwide, starting from Switzerland, an unexpected location for Latin-American music, with the only help of a young and independent label as BIBOMUSIC was at that time.

The musical directors and founders of MERCADONEGRO are:

José Armando Miranda, born in 1974 in Buena Vista en La Habana, Cuba,  lead singer and  author of many of the songs of MERCADONEGRO.

Cesar Correa was born in 1975 in Trujillo, Peru. Both his parents are two well known Peruvian piano players, and  Cesar plays piano and keyboards as only few masters in the world can do. He is one of the musical authors, as well as the musical director of the orchestra.

Rodrigo Rodríguez was born in 1974 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia's most Caribbean town. Rodrigo, who sings, plays timbales and much other percussion, writes, like Armando, some of the most successful songs of the group, and is a very versatile artist and showman. Rodrigo is also a widely popular artist among youngsters, with the artistic name of Rodry-Go!, as one of the hottest Urban and Tropical stars, thanks to his two albums, Rodry-Go! Mr. Reggae & Roll (2006) and Con Clase, just released in March 2010, both published by BIBOMUSIC. This album ends with a bonus Salsa track, “Comenzó La Rumba” where Rodry-Go! Hosts a featuring of Salsa star José Alberto “El Canario”, a friend of MERCADONEGRO who always plays with him during his European tours.

In 2002, after a long and very accurate work in BIBOMUSIC’ s recording studios, was  produced "Bailalo!", MERCADONEGRO’s first CD, whose quality, strength and original style are still undisputed, thanks also to the work made by the sound engineer José Mendoza, the Venezuelan master engaged for the project.

"Bailalo!" was dedicated to all the emigrants and to the families and the friends they had to leave (ref. song Regresaré, by Rodrigo Rodriguez).

"MERCADONEGRO llegó" is the name of the opening song of "Bailalo!“ a track that was immediately recognized as a super dance hit by dancers and DJs, leading the charts for several months, and it’s still a floor hit. Other very successful songs were Salsa pa’l Bailador, Eso me duele, and Regresaré.

Immediately after its release, "Bailalo!’s " quality and MERCADONEGRO’s original Salsa were discovered and then divulgated by the most qualified DJ’s and Latin music web sites. The support from these free and independent websites was the sign of a new era in the communications and in the music system, and the best start for the new born project of MERCADONEGRO Orchestra.

After the success of “Bailalo!” MERCADONEGRO  released under BIBOMUSIC’s label its second and long awaited CD, "SALSA PA’L MUNDO ENTERO", containing many tracks who went soon at the top of the Salsa charts, as "La Bendicion"," La Guarachera de Cuba", a tribute to the legendary Celia Cruz, with whom MERCADONEGRO made two European tours, "Llegó la Hora", "A los Orishas", "Jamas", "Pa’l Callao", "Yo Soy el Son", "La Malanga", "El Negro", etc

The album “SALSA PA’L MUNDO ENTERO”  has also become a cult object, a must have for the music collectors thanks to its original cover, resembling a luxury Swiss watch with impressed all the biggest towns of the world where, at any time, Salsa is danced.  With that layout, MERCADONEGRO and BIBOMUSIC, wanted to remember their Swiss roots, a country, Switzerland, where they met and where their project was born and nurtured.

MERCADONEGRO, thanks to its great studio recordings and to its undisputed live performances, has rapidly become the most interesting new act in high quality Latin music, starring at the most important jazz, Latin and world music festivals, like "Umbria Jazz" in Perugia, “Fiesta” in Rome, "Latinoamericando Expo” in Milano, Afro-Pfingsten Winterthur, Montreux Jazz, “Lugano Estival Jazz” in Switzerland, "Vic Fenzensac", "Paris Jazz Festival", "Marseilles Féte de la Ville" in France, "Red Sea Jazz Festival" in Israel, "Rotskild" in Denmark, Rotterdam Carnival in Holland, North Sea Jazz Festival etc. often with TV live coverage.

MERCADONEGRO and BIBOMUSIC‘s work have surely influenced in the last years a new wave of interest for Salsa and Latin music dances in Europe, which has now become a continent were all the American Latin stars desire to perform, and where all the Latin musicians living there have seen the possibility to successfully improve and develop their professional careers.