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YeyoBorn in Medellin, Colombia,  where he started his musical life learning from the traditional Colombian rhythms, and  raised between New York and Switzerland, YeYo (a.k.a.  Yeison Marulanda) hereby presents  Subele al Volumen (Hike the Volume! in English), the first track of the incoming debut album A Toda Hora, published by Bibomusic, the label specialized in quality Latin music, which will be released at the end of June 2013.

YeYo is an original musician and author, who joins Latin Dance - Electronic music with R&B and Hip Hop tunes, making an irresistible sound, which  brings the listeners into a very excited  while romantic mood, thanks to Yeyo's lyrics and style.

Adding to the album's influences of  Reggaeton, adult alternative Pop, and Hip-Hop,  Yeyo  wrote all the songs himself  and worked closely with artists/producers like Livio Hugaflame, Giuseppe Pugliese,  Vakero, the renamed Domican rapper who appears in the track Sexy Sexy, and the Rock guitarist Leo Leoni, from Gotthard band, who appears in the rock version of the song Yeyo Me Llaman.

The Album  A Toda Hora by YeYo is published by Bibomusic Inc. the label specialized in discovering and producing young Latin talents, ranging from Tropical music like Salsa, Bachata  and Merengue, to Urban and Pop Rhythms, like Reggaeton, Dembow and Dance.