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Tito Allen
Amarfis y la Banda de AtakkeNot for nothing is TITO ALLEN called "The elegant one", because he has the smoothest truest, warmest voice of the many salseros singing today. After many years in the business, he is at the peak of his powers. The awesome voice is as beguiling as it ever was and the timing, phrasing and urgency are, if anything, more subtly put across the fruits of all that experience at the very top.

And what experience! he burst onto the scene with Ray Barretto for the monster hit album "Indestructible" which became an immediate hit in South America, New York and Puerto Rico and is considered today to be one of the best salsa album of all times. "El Hijo de Obatala", Llanto de cocodrilo", La Familia and "Ay no" were 4 more tracks which combined with the title track catapulted TITO to the position of New York's favorite "Sonero" or Salsa singer.
TITO ALLEN became a solo singer and joined Fania record company, The Salsa Empire of the 70's and 80's decade. But it is as a solo artist that TITO has produced most of the brilliant hits for which he is better known, some of them are: "Maldades", "Feliz y Dichoso", "Ahora y Siempre", "Untouchable", "Beyond and Unique" under the direction of the great musical producer Louie Ramirez, A Los Muchachos was a Marty Sheller production. He also recorded as special guest with Pupi Legarreta charanga group, and then he collaborated with the one and only Johnny Pacheco in different Fania and Vaya productions.

Tipica 73 was the hippest band in New York City throughout the second half of the 70's and TITOS outing with them produce the brilliantly re-worked classic hit "Pare Cochero", the epitome of sassy swing in salsa; he also was the main singer of the TITO Puente orchestra. TITO ALLEN joined Louie Ramirez "Salsa Progresiva", "El Genio" and Louie Ramirez y sus amigos productions. Then he recorded Cantar (a collectors item) with Lo Mejor record company and after that Noche Caliente Vol. 2, 3 & 4 which they became global hits in the salsa world. In the 90's TITO is still outstanding as a solo singer with the following productions.

  • Homenaje a Beny More Vol. 2 (with Tito Puente)
  • El Intocable
  • Mambo of the times (with Tito Puente)
  • MP All Stars
  • Clase y Sabor
  • Llegare (with Ralphy Santi)

In 1997 he recorded "Latin Yaro" Era Goza! a Japanese production in which he sang "Who's Crying Now" under the musical direction of the talented trumpet player and arranger Luis "Perico' Ortiz, then he recorded another japenese production titled "Besame Mucho DNY" Descarga NY where his voice is heard in 3 themes, these are "You Don't Have to Be A Star", "Light My Fire" and "Hey Mambo", also directed by Luis "Perico" Ortiz.

By the year 2000 he recorded "Roberto Clemente a musical tribute", "Ray Barretto 50th anniversary" (live), Tipica 73 "Reunion" (live) in 2002 he sang 2 themes in the "Salsa Feeling" production with la "Clave de Londres" orchestra with Londonese drummer and arranger Jimmy Le Messurier, in 2003 "Tributo al Maestro Rafeal Cortijo" a collectors items album with the independent Croman Caribe music record company under the musical direction of Puerto Rican trombonist William Cepeda, The classics maquinolandera, Perico, Perfume de Rosa, Tuntuneco, Oriza, el chivo, El Negro Bembon, Llorando me dormi and others, took a new color in TITO ALLEN voice, 2006 one theme in the "Dance Mania" production, "Sube la musica" directed by pianist, arranger and musical director Isidro Infante, in that same year he recorded a theme titled "Dime Quien Soy" with orchestra Antonetti of Rochester, NY. Another collectors item album in 2007 was, Estamos Azucar with the "Black Sugar Sextet" in which he recorded the following hits, "La Hija de Lola", "Anacaona", and Copacabana Spanish and English version. The great singer and sonero is still active traveling to different parts of the world, like Germany, Belgium, Holland, London, France and others. TITO ALLEN is a magnificently gifted singer and a magnetically attractive performer.

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