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About Us

Bibomusic Inc. is a producer and publishing company whose activities are directed to the discovery and the promotion of young artists, especially those playing, singing and performing Latin music.

Over the years, Bibomusic has also widened its field of interests to other genres of music, such as pop, rock, reggae and traditional music, and expanded its activities through its sister company Biboproductions Inc., which has become an important tour producer for artists and bands and event organizer, relentlessly supporting and promoting all of Bibomusic's signed artists and other names as well.


Bibomusic group offers a variety of tailor made professional services:

*Entire musical cycle production (conception, recording, mix and mastering, graphics, publishing, video art, promoting) made in the Skywave Bibomusic Studios of Lugano, Switzerland

*Music licensing and distribution

*Music consultancy (strategic, juridical and economic advisor for artists, organizers of campaigns, events, shows and festivals, businesses and advertisers, sponsors, media and broadcasters)

*Booking of artists and touring